There’s a new game in town when it comes to mobile multitasking. Companion screens revolutionize the laptop—powered by formidable processors—so your customers can multitask with ease. The innovative design of the companion display laptop provides up to 50% more screen real estate over a standard laptop, allowing ample space for common multitasking functions by shifting supplemental tasks to the companion display.


A multiple monitor desktop setup has long been a way to stay connected, productive, and entertained. People often want to work in multiple applications or documents simultaneously, but it can be frustrating to have to constantly switch between panes. Without connecting to external monitors, multitasking options are often more limited on laptops.



With so many ways to offload any functions that stand in the way of gamers gaming, creators creating, and people being productive, the companion display option makes laptops even more versatile. It’s easy to view several things at once without losing sight of the prime objectives!


With a companion screen built into the laptop, productivity becomes a breeze. The full screen display serves as Data Central while the companion screen keeps users constantly connected to their world.

Present a PowerPoint presentation on the main screen, have notes to narrate from on the companion display

Video conference with your remote team on the full screen, have baby video monitor feed on the companion display to keep connected to little ones

Create a finance spreadsheet on the full screen, access the calculator, calendar, and email on the companion display to ensure accuracy and be productive without switching from screen to screen

For security professionals, complete an evaluation form on the full screen while monitoring surveillance camera feeds in the companion screen area


The secondary screen opens a myriad of possibilities for gamers, who can stay fully immersed for a better gaming experience. The companion display extends the reach of the action by connecting with other players and other resourceful ways.

Game play on the full screen, while streaming and chatting with other players on the companion display without interrupting game play

Game play on the full screen, and access maps and stats instantly from the companion display

Game on the full screen, while tracking teammates and opponents’ movements and status on the companion screen

Navigate through a role-playing game on the full screen, and keep track of inventory of collected items on the companion screen for easy access


Now creators can have a full complement of tools at their fingertips with companion screen laptops. Creativity gets optimized with a second screen for greater flexibility.

Use creative software like Adobe Photoshop on the full screen, and watch an instructional video tutorial on the companion display to learn and apply lessons in real time

Edit a photo on the full screen, and zoom in on a detail on the companion screen for a closer and more precise look

Record live music with a digital audio workstation on full screen, while keeping track of lyrics and track listing on the companion display

Digitally illustrate a picture on the full screen while keeping track of your color palette, brushes, and effects on the companion screen below


Click on each bumper to light it up and reveal the feature.


The innovative design provides up to a 50% increase in screen real estate vs. a standard laptop. Shift secondary multitask functions to the companion screen for a more productive experience, with multiple apps available to use simultaneously.


Located directly below the primary screen, the companion display can also function as an extension of the primary screen, helping the user maintain focus and enhance immersion.


Swiveling form left to right can be a strain on the eyes, neck, and shoulders. The more ergonomic design of a companion screen laptop keeps these body parts aligned and can reduce muscle fatigue.


Primary and companion displays work independently. Users expect to control the full screen with keyboard and mouse while touch functions control the companion screen, as well as seamless cursor flow from full screen to companion screen.


Flexible software designs ensure performance differences between primary and companion display work seamlessly. Features such as touch, gesture mapping and pen points can further extend the flexibility of these laptops.


The processors in companion screen devices are engineered to power twice the screen and are efficient enough to keep these ultra-portable devices unplugged for extended time periods. These proven processors provide endless ways to have fun and get the job done.


Whether your customers are mobile productivity mavens, gaming masterminds, or creative wizards, these innovative laptops with secondary companion displays will keep them on the ball wherever they go, immersed in their projects. The world’s finest processors power these amazing devices, helping customers stay more connected, creative, productive, and competitive longer.